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now, I am still going, almost 15 years later.  Exploring Life and it's Spiritual pilgrimage, has recently led me to see the humanity that still exist in our divided era.  I am currently dedicated to sharing these stories and aligning with others who do the same.  You can learn more about my most recent expedition here , Surviving 34 days in Silence, while living on The pacific Ocean for the last two years, in an Ocean Rowboat.  Rowing...for Humanity.

I invite you to have fun,  explore a bit more within, and reach out to me directly!

It is true, Life is Short.  you can slow it down and experience what many look in the wrong places for, with your own human powered efforts....



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In 2008 I gave up my 9-5 career, played the cancer card, and began exploring the world with the hopes of finding a more purposed path.  I used the '4 hour work week' book as a model to change my 9-5 and found the author Tim Ferriss, who later gave me a shout out which helped this very website.  My fire was lit and despite the lack of any revenue, I covered the cost for a camera man/ editor for the following DECADE thru 100 plus countries.  a few TV programs created later,  A lot of 'Bucket Wish' items made true for others, and personal success overcoming a  life threatening disease, my purposed path in life, was found.



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