Advocacy is something I learned offers the reward and mutual benefit my adventures provide.  If you have an organization or brand that you feel needs a face, I have an adventure in mind that will cater to your marketing schedule.  From media appearances to print stories, my own journey started with my own adventure in 2008.  Having grown my brand to over 100,000 followers and multiple TV programs airing to an estimated 120 million homes internationally, I am taking on new projects for 2017.  I can be contacted by email or phone.  The proof is within and below is the latest projects with proven results.



‘Canoeing for the Courageous Campaign’

As of June 30th, 2016, I took on the role as a  USA ambassador for  Over the course of more than 6 months, the Guinness Book of World Records, ‘Longest Solo Journey by Canoe/Kayak’ of 3,400 miles was beaten by this campaign.  While the journey is still going, we have brought awareness to over 14 states with dozens of local media appearances and print stories.  Going live on my social media platforms we have also allowed more than 20 percent growth for the organization and are now green lighted for a national TV documentary about the campaign, also airing overseas.  Here are just a few results;

National TV Documentary Airing 2017