This page is dedicated to Adventures around the world and the companies that offer the life changing experiences.  Here are a list of a few adventures that began in 2008 and continued on thru 80 plus countries.  Feel free to reach any one directly referenced on here or me directly if you have questions about doing these.  If you have an adventure that should be featured, I am always looking for new ones myself and the camera team can feature. 

Learning to Wing Walk, Seattle (

 Learning to Kite Board in the Red Sea, Egypt (Profi Sailors Egy)

The Highest Bungee Jump in the World, South Africa (


Charming Cobras, Morocco (Bizarre Market, Marrakesh) 

Learning to Fly a Plane, New Zealand (

Learning to Dive and Swim Outside the Cage with Bull Sharks, Fiji (

No Bag Travel Adventure Around the World, Pyramids in Egypt (Giza, Egypt)

Catching and Cooking, New Zealand (

Eating the Hottest Pepper in the World 2013, Australia (

Hang Gliding, Brazil (