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Hi All!

I have recently re-set up this website after the last 14 years of doing adventures, full time.  In 2008 I gave up my 9-5 career, played the cancer card, and began exploring the world, with the hopes of finding a more purposed path.  I used the 4 hour work week book as a model to change my 9-5 and found Tim Ferriss, who later gave me a shout out, starting my blog.

My fire was lit and despite the lack of any revenue, I covered the cost for a camera man/ editor, for the following 6 years.  Catch and Cook- TV Series

80 countries later, a few TV programs, and lot of bucket wish items, made true for others with life threatening diseases, I was on the purposed path in life.  Bucket Wish, New Zealand Series

Finding only then that there was now a need to share my purposed life with someone, it seemed to be more important.  However after a few domestic years doing just that, it just wasn't time.  I found myself with another wake up call, all in on my adventure life once again, only this time in a canoe with no seats and a paddle that ways 45 lbs.  Who knew?!  With my travels from the previous years, despite others thinking I was some rich famous American, I truly was just the opposite.  Now a regular guy with little money, questing for a true purposed life once again, after Cancer.  So, Forrest Gump'n it I just started paddling and thats exactly what happened.  Paddling over 5,000 miles for 233 days in a canoe in 2016 I learned a lesson on the journey not the record.  Breaking the 'Longest Solo Journey in a Canoe', I didn't take the record.  Rather, I made and shared stories from 100's of strangers turned friends, and found the current I needed to get back into.  The documentary is within here and here is the press article.

After that Canoe journey, post adventure blues, kicked in. I somehow landed a job however, in the media as a Live New Reporter seen here,

If you don't use facebook here is a clip from youtube

Feeling the love but also a need to tell an even sided report, my journey was short.  I vowed to continue finding facts and sharing them in the media, but needed the right platform and adventure.  To avoid also being in the same boat in life 5 years later, I needed a bigger boat. On October of 2021, I set out of my biggest adventure to date.  Estimated to take me the next 3-5 years, I am rowing an Ocean Rowboat, around the world.  Using no other form other than human power, it is an effort to do what no human has done yet before.  Coming up with the first circumnavigation route, I decided to begin the journey with trial and error, running down from San Diego to Panama before crossing the first of three Oceans.  I sold everything I had, put everything I own in the boat, fixed the second hand vessel up as best as I could, and set off with more fingers than dollars left.  My hopes are to gain organic momentum, leading by action, while seeing a level perspective.  I call it 'See Level' and like the canoe, believe in the power one has by just 'rowing my boat' in life.  Here is a recent article, since the start of my trip began.  I can't be happier, and am dedicated to continuing on.

Effective May 1st, I made the world first successful Ocean row down the coast of Mexico.  I sit amongst local indigenous doing small repair and working on a 'Smiles' campaign.  Hoping to now raise official sponsorship, with my proven row record, it is a race to clear hurricane season, just south of El Salvador and then cross the first of three Ocean from Panama, departing around the end of December.  I have set up a few ways to keep my efforts fueled.  Thanks for taking a moment here, I vow to use this page to podcast from the vessel, share the facts I find to offer a truth, and pay forward all the efforts I achieve by way of 'Smiles' to those in need from your support.

Supporting and sponsorships have enable me to edit and produce my latest pilot Doc-Series found here.  While this is just a pilot on a barter agreement with Waypoint, I am currently shopping the series looking for production companies and networks to acquire the future content.

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Many thanks for taking the time to learn more about myself and the efforts at hand!  For those of you still reading, seeking the hidden tab that offers my personal spiritual pilgrimage, I welcome you to the page with a warm heart and excited mind, here.